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Services – Unique Foods

Unique Foods Canada has expanded its reach well beyond the beverage industry. Continued growth, solid planning and a focus on making sure our customer’s needs come first, allows the outlook of Unique Foods to remain as promising as the unique and diverse product lines the company is proud to represent.

We’ve been around for 21 years, and are the Pioneers in bringing healthy “new age” products to Canada. We are as truly “Unique” as the products we offer, and we pride ourselves on being a cutting edge, turnkey, and progressive company. Let us earn your business, you will not be disappointed.


Using unique skills, background, and industry know-how, we assist beverage companies in creating unique retail strategies. This service includes product selection, packaging, fulfillment, presentation creation, pricing verification, meeting set-up, meeting attendance, assistance with retail agreements, customer service, purchase order review, collections and much more.


We allow the company’s that we represent to focus solely on the business of making great beverages. We can serve as a bridge between manufacturers and customers by utilizing our extensive, established network.  Make your product more widely available by enlisting the services of Unique Foods Canada!


We assist our clients as they leverage their brand equity into potent drivers that generate significant revenue.  Services include: Brand Equity Analysis; Contract Negotiations; Business Planning; Graphic Design and Content Development
Product Development; Approval and Quality Control; Contract Compliance; and much more.


Through brand development we can create and increase both the awareness and exposure of a brand. We can also strengthen a brand’s reputation. The first step is to correctly align a new brand strategy with the business objectives at hand.


We offer a variety of services for the development of beverages. Together we can create new products and/or improve existing food products or processes. Whether it be a single aspect or a multitude of services, our development team will work to ensure that you offer consumers the best market ready product in terms of consistency, taste, texture, labeling and packaging.


Unique Foods is adept in fostering the kind of client relations that bring about new ideas, innovation, and growth. Through our roster of brands, we look to further inspire and motivate the consumer to choose our brand products. We invest more time, energy and resources into each of the client relationships already established by our strong brand partners.

YEARS – EST. 1996

Stewart’s Old Fashioned Sodas, AQUAhydrate water with electrolytes and high ph of 9+, ACTIVATE vitamin drinks, Icelandic Glacial water, Coco’s Pure coconut water, Protein2o, Little Miracles teas / juices, with many more products coming down the pipeline in the coming year!