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Icelandic Glacial™ Teams With Unique Foods

Icelandic Glacial™ Water Announces Distribution in Canada with Unique Foods, Inc.
REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – February 11, 2015 – Icelandic Water Holdings hf, makers of the award-winning, premium natural spring water from Iceland, Icelandic Glacial™, announces its partnership with Unique Foods, Inc., Montreal’s leading beverage distributor, reaching all channels of Canada. Beginning immediately, Unique Foods, Inc. will distribute Icelandic Glacial to all on and off-premise outlets nationwide throughout Canada.

“We are very pleased to announce Unique Foods, Inc. as our new distributor among all channels of Canada,” said Jon Olafsson, Chairman and Co-Founder of Icelandic Glacial. “Unique Foods, Inc. is a natural fit for Icelandic Glacial, as a strong and influential distributor that promises unique and diverse high quality beverages to retailers across Canada. We are thrilled to provide this great country with a genuine piece of Iceland through our award-winning, premium natural spring water.”

Renowned for its exceptional purity and environmental credentials, Icelandic Glacial is bottled at the source from the legendary Ölfus Spring in Iceland, providing customers with remarkably pristine natural spring water of the highest level of quality. << View Full Article >>

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