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A Business that Started from Zero

Unique Foods (Canada) Inc. brings a line of beverages to Canada that meets the needs and demands of today’s consumer. Located in Montreal since 1996, the importer has become a major player in the field of commercial drinks. “We specialize in importing specialty, high-end products,” explains Josh Silver, Vice-President of Marketing and Communications. “We also act as a PR agency by promoting the products at a variety of events.”

We have developed a range of expertise that is all encompassing, from bilingual labels to kosher certification and organic and gluten-free products – Josh Silver, Vice-President of Marketing and Communications

Unique Foods is a family business managed by Josh and his brother Jon, who’s the president. Josh and Jon wanted to launch a project that resembled them: modern, accessible and energetic. Thy started from zero in this extremely competitive industry and learned to overcome challenges through their fraternal bond. “We started selling Cadbury’s Stewart’s Old-Fashioned Soda out of our basement, out of a garage and out of trunks of cars. We went around, knocked on doors, and just built our business from the ground up. We earned our success,” says Josh.  << View Full Article Here >>

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